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Ōkami Ōkami no Mi, Model: Raijū
Name Ōkami Ōkami no Mi, Model: Raijū
Kanji 狼狼の実 モデル:雷獣ド
English Wolf-Wolf Fruit, Model: Raijū
Type Mythical Zoan
User Hawkins D. James

The Ōkami Ōkami no Mi, Model: Raijū (狼狼の実 モデル:雷獣ド), Ōkami Ōkami no Mi Moderu: Raijū) is a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit that allows a person to transform into a raijū-human hybrid and a full raijū. "Ōkami" means wolf and the Raijū is a legendary creature from Japanese mythology whose body is composed of pure lightning. It was eaten by the marine Hawkins D. James.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

This Devil Fruit grants Jim increased speed and the ability to travel at a lightning fast speed and instantly reach distant places by turning into a ball of lightning. Along with being able to transform into a Raijū made of lightning at will, the fruit allows Jim to regenerate any wounds with lightning, as the Raijū is a being with a body made of pure lightning and as such it can regenerate it's body parts by using lightning. As such Jim is a very resilient fighter who is capable of taking a huge amount of damage which he can reverse by regenerating in his Raijū form.

Jim is able to take a hybrid human-beast form, also being able to transform selective parts of his body without changing his whole appearance. He often turns only his hands into the paws of the Raijū so as to gain the advantage of the sharp claws along with the ability to electrocute his opponents by using the lightning from the Raijū's body.

Much like Marco's Devil Fruit, which gives him a resistance to damage similar to that of a Logia user, Jim also gains a similar advantage but like with Marco, his body is not intangible and is, therefore, not immune to damage from enemy attacks. As a result of this Jim can be injured in his human form whereas Logia users can't be. He can recover from injuries gained by Haki empowered attacks as well as when he is in contact with seastone by turning into his Raijū form at a later time. As a result this is an advantage that this fruit has over Logias.

Like the Goro Goro no Mi, this fruit also suffers from a unique weakness; rubber and most other natural insulators. The user will loose their intangibility in the Raijū form against attacks from insulated weapons. Besides this, the user is also affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


The Fruit came from the Name of Okami Amaterasu