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Aho Aho no Mi

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Japanese Name: あほあほの実
English Name: Stupid-Stupid Fruit
Meaning: Stupid
Type: Paramecia
Power: To shot energy blasts that would cause anyone to perform an stupid act
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Aho Aho no Mi (lit. Stupid Stupid Fruit) is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to shot energy blasts that would cause anyone to perform an stupid act. It was eaten by an Aho.

Appearance Edit

The Aho Aho no Mi looks like a red rubber fruit with purple swirls.

Usage Edit

The user can use this devil fruit to embarrass his enemies especially in crucial moments in a large and/or important audience. He can also force his enemies to make crucial mistakes in battle and take advantage of the small opening that they created.

Strengths Edit

The strength of this fruit is that the user can cause the opponent to make some stupid acts, which is an advantage for the user.

Weaknesses Edit

The user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. if the opponent dodges the energy blasts, he could cause the user to suffer from his opponent's blows.


  • Klutz Strike: Masaka shoots a small blast of purple energy towards his target. When hit, the enemy would become a klutz and perform a clumsy act in a few moments later. Depending on the amount of energy, the larger the act of stupidity that the enemy will commit.
  • A HO A HO HA: Masaka shoots a long and big beam of yellow energy towards his target. Upon impact, the enemy will recieve massive damage and will commit embrassing acts such peeing or soiling himself moments later. This name is based on one of Goku's signature moves, Kamehamaha. Masaka really wants a finisher move and always practices the Kamehameha pose until he actually shot one successfully but he is still distressed that the attack was yellow instead of blue like Goku's.
  • Gin Dama: Masaka would raise his hands up in the air and create a giant version of the klutz strike. This technique can affect everyone in a town upon impact. The aftermath usually results in a village destroying itself from within from klutziness. However, this technique takes time to create and leaves the user vulernable to attack. Legends have said that towns affected by this technique usually end up wiped out from the world map due to embarrassment and everyone will try to go undercover to hide their embarrassing past and origins. This name is based on one of Goku's finishing moves, Genkidama and the title of a comedy anime, Gintama. Masaka would only use this technique if he had enough with the citizens of the city. Ironically, he uses this technique everywhere he goes as no one at all can withstand his stupidity.

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