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Amaterasu Pirates
Japanese Name: 天照海賊
Romanized Name: Amaterasu Kaizoku
English Name: Amaterasu Pirates
Main Ship: Leviathan
First Appearance: TBA
Captain: Yuuma Amaterasu
Total Bounty: Unknown

The Amaterasu Pirates are a Pirate Crew hailing from East Blue and led by Yuuma Amaterasu. The crew was formed after a Marine attack led by Taiyou Anemiya on Loguetown to find Devil Fruits in order to bolster the Marines fighting strength once more. The Amaterasu Pirates is currently small, but has recently set out on an adventure in order to recuit more members and explore the world as well as extracting revenge on the man that changed their lives forever.

Crew MembersEdit

The crew was co-founded by the three current members, Yuuma, Linyin, and Seiya. Although Seiya is the oldest he wanted his younger brother to take the reigns and lead the crew as a way to build up his self-confidence. Linyin on the other hand wouldn't come along if she was not able to be first mate, however, its speculated that she would have joined anyway just to be with her boyfriend Yuuma.

The Amaterasu Pirates are a lively bunch of young pirates that tend to stir up trouble no matter where they go, often solving whatever crisis that they bring with them. Yuuma's strong need to protect his friends and Linyin's often cunning wording when convincing people to join, that often leads only the crazy or confused to tag along permently and join the crew in their wild escapades across tthe Oceans.

Amaterasu Pirates
Yuumaproo Linyinpers Seiyapro Hayato Nagi
Yuuma Amaterasu Linyin Houki Seiya Amaterasu Unknown Unknown
Anitapro  ???  ???  ???  ???
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Crew StrengthEdit

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit