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Durimu Durimu no Mi
Name Durimu Durimu no Mi
Kanji リームリームの実
Type Paramecia
User Kei Yume

The Durimu Durimu no Mi (リームリームの実) was a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gave a user the ability to invoke dream-like hallucinations in their targets and possibly even more. To most people, it was mostly referred to as the Dream Dream Fruit. The only known person to have consumed such a fruit was man named Kei Yume, who ate it by chance during one of his travels.


The Durimu Durimu no Mi was a reddish-orange-colored, spherical fruit with a curved stem and had an interlacing zigzag pattern placed on top of it. The fruit bore the appearance of an apple albeit differently colored. However, it could be mistaken for the latter. Another variation of the fruit did exist, taking on the form of a squash but it was sometimes surmised that it was squished. This variation was in Kei's possession, secretly hidden in his quarters. He claimed that he was saving it for a special occasion, probably for Ringo Minami to ingest once she finished her apprenticeship, voluntarily or forcibly.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

As demonstrated by Kei Yume numerous times, the fruit's major strength was the user's ability

Other than that , the user was affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses that were entailed with its consumption.



  • Drurimu Durimu no Mi is based on an ability called Shōjō Dorīmu (症状ドリーム, Dream Manifestation). This page was considered a variation of that said ability or simply seen as the One Piecefied version.
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