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Itachi Itachi no Mi, Model: Kamaitachi
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Kanji 鼬鼬の実: 鎌鼬
English Weasel Weasel Fruit, Model: Sickle Weasel
Type Mythical Zoan
User Kiri Nagumyō

The Itachi Itachi no Mi, Model: Kamaitachi is a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit which allows the user to transform into a full or hybrid version of the unique Yōkai, the Kamaitachi. Itachi (鼬) literally means Weasel and Kamaitachi (鎌鼬) literally means Sickle Weasel. Hence, the literal translation of this fruit is the Weasel Weasel Fruit, Model: Sickle-Weasel. It is currently eaten by the pirate, Kiri Nagumyō.


This fruit takes the appearance of a pale green, crescent-like fruit, with several light blue spirals surrounding the entire fruit.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The main strength of this fruit, as one would suggest, is that the user is able to completely or partially transform into a being known as the Kamaitachi. In only moments, he is able to transform into this "demonic form". This form gives him a variety of strengths that allow him to combat with extremely strong combatants.

He takes upon a weasel-like appearance, his fur is a light brown and he gains elongated ears. His hair becomes a very light brown, almost beige-colored hair which protrudes out of his head. His eyes are quite slanted, and he gains a pointed nose. Another unique factor is that the three sickles that he uses in combat transform into two larger scythes which are connected to his arm, and he is able to, at any moment, use them as projectile weapons by shooting out a chain from both of these scythes. His attire doesn't change, nor is ripped apart.

When doing a hybrid transformation, his eyes become almost cat-like and shine a yellow color. His hair also becomes a beige color, and is protruding out of his head.

The power boosts of this fruit are rather immense. In all physical attributes, his body is enhanced to superhuman degrees. However, the most unique aspect of this fruit is the mild ability to actually use wind currents to his advantage. Swinging his scythes give him the ability to perform condensed strikes of wind which give him the power to rival swordsman in this regard. He is also able to ride the wind itself, allowing him to increase his speed substantially. His scythes also gain a substantial increase in strength from their sickle forms.



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