Name Samebito
Kanji 鮫人
Rōmaji Samebito
Personal Status
Birthdate September 20
Age 34
Gender Male
Height 213.36 cm
Weight 140.613 kg
Blood Type AB
Hometown Fishman Island
Affiliation Seraphim Pirates
Previous Affiliation Neptune's Army
Occupation First Mate
Previous Occupation Member of Neptune's Army
Team Seraphim Pirates
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Evangeline
Previous Partner Unknown
Family Goro (Brother)
Bounty Bsymbol10110,000,000
Devil Fruit None
Weapons Chakram pair

Samebito (鮫人, shark man) is a Shark Fishman and member of the Seraphim Pirates. Among the crew, Samebito is the second strongest behind Evangeline and serves as her right-hand man on most matters.

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