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Taiyou Anemiya
Name Taoyou Anemiya
Kanji 太陽姉
Rōmaji Anemiya Taiyou
Personal Status
Birthdate March 2
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 166 lbs
Blood Type Unknown
Hometown Loguetown
Affiliation Marines
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Vice Admiral
Previous Occupation None
Previous Team None
Partner Kanon Kusama
Sasuke Tanabira
Previous Partner None
Family Unknown
Bounty None
Devil Fruit Buki Buki no Mi
Weapons Staff



Taiyou's Full Appearance

Taiyou is a fairly tall Marine with long black hair and piercing blue eyes, appearing as a young bishōnen in his early twenties. Despite being a Vice Admiral, Taiyou does not dress in Marine attire and can frequently be seen dressed in a black monks' garb while wearing a simple straw hat topped by a diamond shape that is colored black. He often wears a white scarf around his neck, given to him as a gift by his companion Kanon Kusama, and an olive-colored kesa that is fastened by a ring over his robes signifying his full ordinance as a monk. When he knowingly goes off to battle or to have a showdown against an opponent in battle, he wears a green and blue-gray colored armor that is fashioned for a samurai.


Taiyou without his monk garb

When he removes his monk garb for formal events or during war time, Kioshi wears his long hair tied in a ponytail. His bangs parted down the centre of his face in order to frame both sides of it. He also begins to wear a more standard stealth attire which consists of a high-collared, black shirt with a red and white colored crest on his upper back. His blue pants are fastened to his waist by a pair of double obi that are white in coloration and work well in holding up his lower body wear which are wrapped up in bandages at the ends. 






Taiyou with his staff


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bojutsu Expert:

Devil FruitEdit

See Buki Buki no Mi